Our Vision

God's glory is displayed all over the earth; creation declares it and people illustrate it. However, God chooses to exhibit His glory with the most flavour and potency in His church. Our vision therefore is to build a local church in Swansea, a church in which God's glory can be enjoyed by those within and can be seen by others. Our model is taken from Acts 2 (The 5th book in the New Testament – The Bible), where the church is founded by focusing on the health of three relationships. By focusing on these three relationships we hope to build a healthy local church.

1- Relationship with Jesus
​2- Relationship with Christians
3- Relationship with non-Christians

We believe that every neighbourhood should have a healthy local church and with God's blessing we hope to start more churches locally, nationally and internationally to spread the fame of Jesus. Starting new churches (Church Planting) has always been part of Oasis DNA and by God’s grace we were able to support our Pastor Steve Dyer in planting a new church in Fforestfach (Swansea) in 2015. In 2018 Hope church joined with Oasis to pool resources so as to better serve the city.

Steve Timmis a Pastor from The Crowded House Church in Sheffield and a director of the church planting network ‘Acts 29’ said: “The church are who God reveals his glory to and the church are who God reveals His glory through”. We believe that starting new churches is the best way to fulfil the great commission in Matthew 28 of “making disciples in all nations” and revealing the glory of Jesus Christ to the World.