Some of our members would like to share their stories with you.
Please click on the links below to see some of our member’s stories of how they became Christians. Every story is unique and we hope that these will show the amazing work that God has been doing in each of our lives. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to answer these for you.

Sam Keen

Summary: Co-Pastor - 31 years old, Yorkshire born and bred, Married to Becci Grace and father to Oscar Jacob. Living for Jesus in South Wales since 2006.

​So... how did I get here? I was introduced to Christian stuff at a few days old when I was taken to church by my parents. They were Christians and as such I went to church pretty much every Sunday. In general I disliked having to go to church, primarily because my friends didn’t go and I was always conscious of what they would think. Still, when you are barely old enough to walk to school unsupervised, it was understandable that church life was compulsory for me. I did learn about the Christian faith growing up - I knew who God was and understood the key teachings of The Bible. I learnt that Jesus is God and willingly gave up his position in heaven to come and suffer on earth so that he could save the humanity that had rejected him as creator. Quite a spectacular story really but I knew I wasn’t a Christian because this story hadn’t changed my life it was just knowledge like mathematics or history. Basically, I didn’t know God; I just knew stuff about him. It was a bit like knowing facts about famous people; you may know of them but not know them personally at all. So church was part of my family life but God was not part of my life outside the influence of my parents.
​I remember deciding to follow Jesus and take Christianity seriously when I was about 11 years old. I was listening to a preacher whilst on holiday in Wales and I felt like God was speaking to me through the preacher as he explained The Bible. I became aware that my problem was that I lived in God’s world enjoying all the benefits yet behaving as though He didn’t exist. I understood and felt for the first time the difference between me as a sinner and God who is holy and altogether good. It was at this point I became grateful for Jesus death on the cross in my place and I trusted in him to forgive me of my sin, past, present and future. This radically changed the way I viewed God - He was no longer an idea, but I knew him.

However, I then went on to live my teenage year’s once again showing little regard for Jesus and certainly not living with Him in mind. I continued to go to church but did not really live a Christian life. I became addicted to pornography before I was 12 years old and I was gripped by this vice (sin) in to my early 20’s. This was one of many sins I struggled to overcome and it ruined my perception of what women should be like.
In my mid teens I had left home at just 16, and at the age of 18, God began to change my life for real. On the outward appearance I probably looked like a half tidy, reasonably intelligent teenager, but in my own heart I knew that I was not living how Jesus wanted me to live; I was selfish, arrogant, manipulative and pornified. My attitude to other people needed to change; my view of women needed to change and this was a work that only Jesus could complete. God began to speak to me through The Bible and through other Christians. I started to become aware of the sin in my life. Not only was I becoming aware of it, but I started to hate it. The Holy Spirit gave me strength to fight the evil and wicked things that I loved. In short, He started to change my life. Luckily this is a task that He is willing to undertake and even to this day He is transforming my life to glorify Him just as His Word (The Bible) promises He will do.

I have come to know the beauty of God’s Saving Grace and forgiving character. I know that God will forgive me in every relationship, friendship and decision that I ever get wrong. I am not a perfect individual by a long way, but I know God has forgiven me through Jesus sacrifice on the cross. He bought my life with the blood of Jesus and now I am in His family and will be for eternity.

So, in summary my life has had a different focus since I was 18, it’s now about knowing Jesus, a living, real relationship with Him at the centre of my life. In 2006 God led me to Swansea to study engineering and in 2008 I became a member of Oasis Church. I became a leader in the church back in 2013 and in 2017 I felt called by God to leave my engineering career to become a full time Co-Pastor alongside Steve in Oasis. Bec and I love our church family and hope to start new Churches across the World to spread the fame of Jesus Christ as and when God leads us to. I hope you have been intrigued reading my story, it is only a brief account and in our church there are many people who are happy to tell you how God has changed their lives. Feel free to drop in or email us for further information about Oasis church. Sam