What's On

Our main meeting takes place each Sunday at 10.30am in Tabernacle Church, Gorseinon. You can check out our location and full address here. The aim of this meeting is for the church to learn more about Jesus and worship him together through prayer, praise and preaching. The weekly meeting is also a great opportunity to develop our relationships within the church and within the local community. Our hope is that each time we meet as a church, God is glorified through everything we do and the church is encouraged in their faith. The service itself lasts for about an hour and the atmosphere is relaxed but focused. A typical church service involves prayer, reading the bible, preaching and worshiping God through singing together. Families are completely welcome and we also run a Kids program at the same time where all the leaders are DBS certified.

​Small groups or House Groups are held weekly, these provide a relaxed and natural environment for Bible study, discussion, prayer and encouragement. Sometimes these are held in homes and sometimes we meet together in the church building – usually on a Tuesday evening.

What we are currently preaching...

Genesis (Old Testament)

Currently we are preaching through Genesis which is the first book in the Bible. We have split up the Book into 4 sections:

  • The Foundations (Chapters 1 - 2). This section looks at the creation of the World and gives us the building blocks for living life together in harmony with one another and with God.
  • The Fall (Chapters 3 - 5). These chapters look at what went wrong when humanity sinned against God bringing suffering and pain into the perfect creation.
  • The Flood (Chapters 6 - 9). Famously these chapters record the events of the great global flood that pushed the human race to near extinction. They teach us that God is just but that he is also immensely loving and finds a way to rescue and save his children.
  • The Family (Chapters 10 - 50). The rest of the book shows us how God chooses to bless the world through the family line of Abram, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. These stories set the scene for the rest of The Bible and give us a clear picture of who we are before God. They show us that we are all broken and need a Saviour who will come from this family tree.