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We engage in mission work locally, nationally and internationally to spread the fame of Jesus.

At Oasis Church we are passionate about fulfilling the command which Jesus gave to his disciples. In Matthew chapter 28 and verse 18-20 we read the following words from Jesus to his followers:

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Telling people about Jesus is not only a command of Jesus but it is also the most loving thing we can do. Jesus is the greatest gift to mankind and it is our joy to invite other people around the world to turn from their sin and follow Him. Over the last 10 years since the church officially began in January 2008, we have supported various missionaries around the world and also sent people from our own church to share the good news of Jesus abroad.

Despite the fact that we are a small church ourselves, we believe in a Big God and so we try not to limit what He might want to do through us as a church. As such we try to regularly share the good news of Jesus in the following three geographies.


In 2015 Steve Dyer and his family moved out of Gowerton to plant a church in Forestfach, Swansea. The area has a diverse demographic and many social needs. Oasis freed up a portion of Steve's time to be able to begin this work and by God's grace Hope church has been established. Oasis and Hope work together to put on annual events such as Christmas & Easter services so that people living in the local area have a chance to hear about Jesus and see his church in action. Both churches also provide practical support to their communities through the means of a foodbank, a debt counselling service, food hampers and other acts of charity.

As well as these missionally minded outreach activities, our pastors are frequently invited into the local school to teach the bible to youngsters who attend the Christian Union. This is open to all students and it is a ministry we would love to develop in the future.

As part of our vision we hope to be a church that plant new churches every few years and we pray that these churches will themselves be church planting churches.


Wales (and the UK as a whole) has a rich Christian history but at present there is a massive need for a recovery of the Christian beliefs. With many old chapels and churches closing, it is our hope and vision to see new churches planted across our country in communities where there is need for the light of Jesus.

Steve Dyer is a member and on the leadership team for the organisation 'WalesWide' (www.waleswide.org). This is a network of pastors and churches who are passionate about God's kingdom. There are 2 main drivers for Waleswide: to start new churches, and to strengthen existing ones. Twice a year national conferences are held in North and South Wales to equip leaders who are looking to plant a new church and to encourage those already engaged in this demanding task.


There are many international works we have been engaged in over the years of the church and this is one of the areas of church life we are most excited about.

India / PTI (www.pastor-training.org) - Several years ago a couple from a Christian missionary organisation called PTI (Pastors Training Institute) came to Oasis to explain their work in India and also to highlight specific needs we could pray for as a church. We were able to support the couple initially but several years later there was an opportunity for Steve to become affiliated and approved by PTI. This enabled us to support the work in India more regularly and more directly. In 2017 and for the next 5 years Oasis will send Steve with PTI to teach the bible to church leaders and church planters. Each year Steve will spend a week in Mumbai and a week in Northern India (Uttar Pradesh) teaching the foundations of the Christian faith.

Nepal - In October 2017 one of our members (Lisa) is going to fly out to undertake missionary work in an orphanage in Nepal. She will be flying out with a team from The Mission Church in Morriston, Swansea. The Mission has periodically sent a team out to the orphanage and Lisa was invited to go this year. The program for the trip hasn't been fully laid out yet but please pray for Lisa and the team and we'll update this section when they return.

China - In 2011 Oasis sent one of the leaders to China to teach the bible to a newly established underground church on a university campus. The church is situated in one of china's major cities. As it can still be dangerous to worship Jesus as a Christian in China, the church meets secretly in an apartment and for the protection of the church we are not able to provide further details. This was a 10 day trip and the bible was taught to the young church and its leaders.

Liberia - On several occasions we have financially supported a pastor of a church in the capital city of Monrovia. These finances were sent to assist the church in the work of spreading the Gospel both in the capital city and also in the 'interior' of Liberia where there are small villages and much poverty. The church is involved in church planting in these remote areas in the northern part of Liberia and the church is situated near one of the largest refugee camps in Liberia. Some of the funds were given for specific needs such as providing the school with a new roof and an orphanage with a new toilet block.

Thailand - financial gifts have been given to support the work of a missionary family who work alongside a Christian missions organisation called Interserve (www.interserve.org.uk). This gift was raised by the church members to facilitate the ongoing work of the family who have given up a comfortable life in the West to serve the people of Thailand with the message of Jesus. They are involved in many charitable acts in some of the most deprived areas and are a wonderful example of a family committed to giving their whole lives to Jesus.