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House Groups as the name suggests take place at different houses where families from the church host an evening providing refreshments and an environment which is relaxed and welcoming.

Generally House Groups take place every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Occasionally we might move the time or day to best accommodate what’s happening in the life of the church.

In a typical 4 week month we use each weeks House Group to focus on different aspects of the Christian faith:

1st week of the month is ‘Praise’. On this night we generally meet at Dylan and Meg’s house in Loughor where we worship God together through prayer and singing. Sara, Dylan, and Meg are musically talented and lead this session each month.

2nd week of the month is ‘Prayer’. On this night we meet at another family’s house and one of the leaders will look at a bible passage, apply it to the life of the church and then lead us in a time of prayer. We pray for each other, for needs in our community, and for the church vision.

3rd week of the month is ‘RBT’ (Read the Bible Together). For the last year we have been using this house group to read the bible together as a church. Each month (with the occasional exception) we read one book out of the 66 contained in the bible. We started in Genesis (first book in the bible) and we hope in the next 3 years to work through each book in turn. House group on this week involves chatting through such questions as: what did we learn about God in this book? What did we learn about Gods will for the church? What did we learn about our own rebellion against God? One of the leaders will also give an overview of the book and highlight the key themes.

4th week of the month is Community Focused. On this week we generally use the house group session to get out into the communities we live in to meet new people and generally raise awareness of the church, who Jesus is, and what he has done for us. In the summer we host BBQ’s at our homes to get to know our neighbors and to introduce them to our friends in the church.