A Jesus-centered community church in Swansea, South Wales.


OASIS Church is an independent evangelical church meeting in Swansea, South Wales. The church was founded in 2008 and has been serving the city of Swansea ever since. We are passionate about our Christian faith and want others to come and know Jesus for themselves.


Sunday 10:30am - 1pm


Bethlehem Chapel, Carmarthen Road
Fforestfach, Swansea, SA5 4AA.

Latest Message

When Gods People cant meet Part 2 - Labouring While We Wait
Psalm, 84:6-12
29th Mar 2020

Currently Preaching

Currently we are preaching through the New Testament book of Acts. Acts is a book often referred to as ‘Acts of the Apostles’ though some Christians prefer to think of it as the ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit’. It documents key events which took place after Jesus ascended to be with His father and how he continued to grow the Christian Church through his Holy Spirit empowering the disciples. Here we see the Christian faith spreading from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria and to the ends of the earth as new churches are started.